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Internet Jobs is an excessively large landscape and can sometimes be a little overwhelming, especially when all your efforts turns up fruitless. Building websites and starting blogs, creating pages and writing numerous articles and eBooks. Building email lists with landing pages and web forms for your websites, but still no earnings online and it’s starting to cost a tiny fortune. All that money invested, and absolutely nothing to show for it which is where the desperation starts. Perhaps you’ve even cancelled everything and started over, and still No Results. It’s frustrating and all because of two little things you miss each time you get started.

Did you use the keywords you wish to rank for in your website, blog and pages domain name selection? Are those keywords present in your site title, and do they populate your content? Did you do your niche research, and are you targeting the right audience?

These are all questions pointing out the culprits of snail progress, or in most cases no progress at all. Allow me to use this particular article you are now reading, and note the keyword population focusing on internet jobs and making money online. You will also find the keywords blog and online present because within these keywords and keyword phrases are the most searched for keywords. The combined total of searches for the keywords used in this demonstration is over 2,500,000,000 searches per month! Yes, over 2.5 Billion searches per month and that is what you call Super Traffic. And all I actually did was just a little keyword research, then to write and publish an article.

Article writing and eBook publishing are but two of hundreds of methods to drive targeted buyer traffic to your websites, offers and blogs. One of the preferred internet jobs is affiliate marketing, where you earn money from a percentage commission earned from all sales. But regardless of the direction you choose, you must start with your niche and keyword research first.

That is the only way your website, blog or even pages will get noticed by search engines. Keyword research also goes hand in hand with your targeted audience and online comments. Where you combine your keyword research with page rank research. If you experience absolutely no engagement from your comments and content publishing, then there’s your problem right there. Did you check the page rank of the site you comment on and even the publisher you publish with?

Many newbies fall victim to spending months and even years commenting and publishing on sites that’s not even indexed in Google Yet. This completely defeats the purpose.

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Deon Christie

Demonstrating the importance of Keywords with Internet Jobs
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