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If it doesn’t, then you may be bleeding visitors because the majority will move on without even seeing your site. The reasons for your website to be taking longer to load would be too much graphic content for one, but there are various options to consider. When your website is overcrowded with banners and advertising, then that’s one of the reasons your visitors are leaving. All successful Affiliate Marketers have several websites and Blogs because they focus their energy on One or Maximum Two Products per Website. The key is Product Knowledge, which is also another reason your visitors are leaving even after your website opened successfully.

You will never have to “sales pitch” your audience, provided you offer the needed content. The pitch does not create the sale, the content does which is where Product Knowledge is crucial. Keyword research, product research and product knowledge is what will breathe life into an otherwise dead website. But, here’s the kicker and also the reason it takes time to make money online.

You must purchase and personally test and/or use a product you wish to promote, it will annihilate your refund rate. It will also provide you with the skill and knowledge to write useful and interesting content which will get your visitor reading instead of watching pictures. Now you can reduce your graphic content considerably and replace it with relevant readable content. Have graphics, by all means but don’t flood your website because it’s a common costly mistake. A buyer will buy, when your readable content convinces them to, not when a continuous flashing star annoys them. Just a thought…

Your website must open under 6 seconds and your content must keep your visitor there, even convince them to bookmark and return again. Keep your website simple and easy to browse and understand, but always keep it professional and prove to your audience you know what you’re talking about. Get your web form to your email list in there, and a free download of an eBook you wrote always work well. Just one way of many, proving to your audience you know your niche.

If you find it a hassle to write content, then you should consider concentrating on that before moving forward. Remember, it’s a journey and not a race where knowledge will always be power. Success is tiny objective steps in the right direction.

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Deon Christie

Does Your Website Load Within 6 Seconds?
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