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As I’m concentrating my current posts on Blogging and WordPress, there are a few settings you need to look at and change if necessary. Remember that search engine spiders are looking at things like your site title and tagline. This is also how your (www) section of your URL will redirect to your Primary Domain which also boosts your Google rating.

Please don’t change anything if WordPress already filled the spaces, but do concentrate on my following suggestion.

In the Site Title you want to make sure your site title, which targets a specific niche is correct and move on to your Tag Line. This should be where you target your anchor text, but you may also decide to use an attractive slogan with some keywords. Your Site Address (URL) and WordPress Address (URL) should be identical to redirect you URL accordingly.

Make sure that the email address is correct, which is for admin purposes and is also where you are notified of your blog activity. Right beneath “Email Address” you will see a little block indicating “Membership”, you want to ensure that this block is selected and New User Default Role is set to “Subscriber”.

Change Nothing Else, and then click on Save Changes. Another simple exercise to increase your Google rating because Google rating result in better and faster Google Ranking. Search Engine Spiders love order and appropriate targeting so all you’re doing with these simple steps is giving them what they love. A Spider Crawl can range from a few seconds to a few minutes and even hours, but this is largely as a result of relevant content and ping exercises.

I know that all the settings with Plugins and Widgets and much more can never be covered in a single post, which is why I’m basing the majority of upcoming posts on WordPress and Google. S.E.O is not all that complicated, but it’s the time it takes to perfect which can be frustrating.

Search Engine Optimization can Never be done overnight, because it’s a game of numbers and positioning. I have to warn you however, that once you tasted S.E.O achievement it can be a little addictive. There is nothing on Earth that will bring you the kind of visitors and targeted volumes like Search Engine Optimization.

The Super Successful Affiliate Marketers all have one thing in common, they’re all involved in S.E.O in one way or another. It is just how serious money are made on the internet, and it’s an undeniable fact. S.E.O and relevant Content Creation are the King and Queen of Internet Sales.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie

Important General Settings To Change In WordPress
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