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Social Bookmarking is just one of many preferred Website and/or Blog traffic methods leveraged by Successful Affiliate Marketers. Being a preferred method, means you face high competition and attempting at bookmarking spam and affiliate links are not recommended. Don’t defeat the purpose of your activity, by making the same mistake all newbies do. When you decide on taking the Social Bookmarking route for Website traffic, then you must have your own Blogs and/or Websites. In short, a website is just where your home page is a “Static” page, where with your Blog the home page is set to “Main Blog Feed”. There are various Social Bookmarking sites and the key is to get the ones that are in fact Indexed in Google, and have a page rank from 0/10 to 1/10.

But how will you know the ranking? – Simply by using the Free Google Page Rank Checking Tool, and following the simple steps. When you do check the page rank of any site, you want to limit your search to the original domain only. An original domain will end with (.com – .info – .net – .co) and so forth, any forward slash (.com/home_addittion) must be disregarded in order to get a correct result. Also note that when the URL starts with https// instead of the usual http// without the “S“, then you must remove the “S” or you will get the wrong result and lose out on High Page rank Exposure.

What is a Good Bookmarking Site? Personally, I would Highly Recommend you use This Free Social Bookmarking Site and register your membership. Now you will find that there are access to several bookmarking sites within Social Marker and as you submit your bookmarks you will have to create free accounts with these sites. They are All Indexed in Google and are already ranking. This will also give you High Quality Back Links.

How do you submit a Bookmark or Site? You will see that with most Social Bookmarking the site and/or link submission window normally include three requirements. 1) Title and/or Header. 2) Text Line and 3) Tagline. The title should be the Title of your Blog and/or Website and make sure you have those keywords you wish to rank for in there. The Text-line is where you describe your site in a few words, and this area is Not A Sales Page. Ultimately, your Social Bookmark looks kind of like an Ad-Words add on Google. It’s short and to the point, which is why your text line is responsible to obtain or deter a potential visitor. The Tag-line is where you enter short tail and long tail keywords, you can also add anchor text here. Try to keep your Tags short with a maximum of three words as a keyword phrase.

Take your time with these free tools, and learn how to use them properly. Remember these are not magic buttons they are tools, and any tool only works as well as the person using it. If you don’t yet have your own Blog, I would Urge you to Access This Training First where you will also learn an awe-full lot about social bookmarking. You will have your own professional Blog indexed and ranking in Google within the first week.

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Social Bookmarking For Targeted Website Traffic
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